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Dec 8

One of my favorite parts of being a wedding and lifestyle photographer—engagements, weddings, lifestyle, newborns, and beyond—is getting to know the people in front of my lens. I get a front-row seat to beautiful stories as they unfold. Life takes us all on our own unique journeys, and it’s an honor to be able to document those adventures. As a Chicago newborn photographer, my hope is that each couple can look back on their photos decades from now and immediately feel that rush of nostalgic excitement all over again. Photos take us back to cherished memories and inspire us onward, all at the same time.

You might remember this wonderful couple from a post about their cozy in-home lifestyle session from last year. This time, I returned to Lakeview East, right across from our old stomping grounds, to photograph their newest stage of life: parenthood.

Next Stop: Parenthood

These two hold a special place in my heart. Kerry was my running buddy for four summers while marathon training with the Chicago Area Runner’s Association in Chicago. We got to know each other pretty well as we racked up miles together.

Meanwhile, Kerry and Paul are soulmates in every sense of the word. After doing years of life together, there’s a fun-loving chemistry between them that’s like a breath of fresh air. You’re naturally drawn to these two, and I’m so glad to call them friends!

Watching Kerry and Paul become parents—complete naturals at that—has been so unbelievably wonderful. Their love for that darling girl overflows, and their charming, witty banter is at an all-time high (which is impressive when you’re sleep-deprived!). Eleanor’s nursery was stunning, and her big pink bow was as cute as she was (well, almost)! 

In true newborn fashion, Eleanor spent most of the session in Dreamland, unaware that she was the star of the show. Her parents already have a knack for knowing what she needs. When tiny Eleanor let out a cry or two, we switched scenes, grabbed a bottle, or changed the diaper as needed for a smooth-sailing session.

As many newborns do, this sweet girl looks just like her dad. These new parents are completely enamored with their perfect new addition. Big “sister” Pippa could not be prouder, even if it means fewer belly rubs for her. She is on board with her new role as watchdog, taking in Eleanor’s every coo and wiggle. Overall, this family and newborn session was pure perfection, and I can’t wait to see what this first year has in store for them.

3 Reasons to Book an In-Home Newborn Session

1. Comfort

As magical as it is, bringing life into the world is no small feat! Labor, delivery and recovery take a lot out of you, not to mention the hormones, sleepless nights, and new routine. Once you settle in at home, you may not feel like packing up and heading back out for a photography session. An in-home session lets you document that fleeting newborn stage without stressing over an outing so soon after birth.

Want to do a wardrobe change (or need to do a wardrobe change after a feeding or diaper mishap)? Your closet is right there! Set the thermostat the way you want it, and lean back in your favorite chair for a feeding session. It’s easier to breathe and relax in your own space. I’m just there as an unobtrusive guest to capture the tiny details and blissful moments.

2. Convenience

As you get used to your new schedule, you’ll find that going outside the home with your little one takes some prep work. Gathering the feeding supplies, extra clothes, burp cloths, pacifier, lovey, sound machine, or whatever else you might need can feel a little exhausting those first couple weeks. Booking an in-home session lets you stay right where you are with all your supplies (and snacks) at hand.

3. Memories

You make the memories; I take the pictures. If you’re like my family, many of life’s fondest memories happen at home. Home is your safe place. The walls and décor showcase your story and personality as a family. It only makes sense to capture the next chapter in your life where so many other precious memories have already been made—and continue to be made. 

Later, you can look back on these photos and remember how you decorated the nursery and how the family fit so perfectly on the couch. You can feel the rhythm of the rocker.  All of these details make your memories come alive. You can almost smell your baby’s soft hair all over again.

Chicago Newborn Photographer

Remember Every Detail with Meg Adamik Creative

As a mother, I know the importance of cherishing each stage of life to the fullest. I’m a “real life” photographer. I promise to photograph your family’s story as I do for my own. Instead of a collection of stiffly posed portraits, I infuse authenticity into your photos so you can truly reminisce on these days. My photography style is true-to-color and full of emotion. No artsy trends here. The newborn wrinkles, dimples, and impossibly-tiny fingernails. The facial expressions you make to comfort your little one. Those are the details I’m after.

Connect with me for more information on newborn and lifestyle sessions. 

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