In Home Lakeshore Drive Chicago Lifestyle Session | Kerry & Paul

Aug 24

When I entered Kerry and Paul’s new Lakeshore Drive home for this in home session, my jaw dropped to the floor. It was old charm turned modern luxury and the epitome of classy and cozy. Every corner I took, I fell in love with the warm touches and feeling of being “home“, something Kerry and Paul, celebrating 13 years together are familiar with.

I met Kerry in 2015 when I was training for the New York City Marathon with Chicago Area Runner’s Association. I spent 3 straight summers next to this gal every Saturday morning at 6am for countless miles. She was my running buddy quickly turned good friend, and I’ve been so blessed to have her in my life ever since. She is one of a kind, and it’s only fitting that her husband, Paul, is too.
When she reached out about doing a lifestyle session, my face absolutely lit up. I’ve never met a couple who can make me laugh more than these two. Their hearts are filled to the brim with kindness, just like our wine glasses were that time we did karaoke in Door County on vacation. We got together on Friday and I’m still on a high from all the fun we had. ⁠⠀
Kerry and Paul are that couple that have known each other for a lifetime and it shows in the very best way. The two not only let me into their stunning Lakeshore Drive home, but also into a snapshot of their relationship -inside jokes and belly laughs included. Kerry was beaming the entire session, and Paul’s smile was stretched from ear to ear every time he looked at her. ⁠⠀Pippa, their sweet golden retriever, was “here for the treats” and excited to show off her humans every chance she got.

We started in their stunning Lakeshore Drive Chicago home, complete with 360 rooftop views of the city. In home sessions always feel so personal, and unique to the couples I’m working with and I just love that it shows off their relationship in more ways than one. We took a hop and a skip over to the Lakefront where we ended with views of the sun setting over Lake Michigan, and some playful fun.
Kerry and Paul are doing life right – laughing and joking their way through the adventure. They are the epitome of #relationshipgoals and I’m one lucky gal to know and love them.

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