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Dec 15

And their story continues! I photographed Maura and John’s wedding last summer (2021), and this summer I got to capture their new world as a family of three! 🥹 To say this was a special evening would be an understatement. Have you ever met someone and instantly felt like long-lost friends? From the moment I met these two, I knew there was just something wonderful about them. They make you feel warm and full of love just being in their presence. Their wedding was a dream, and I was counting down the days until I got to re-unite with them, give them both the biggest hug, and steal their new sweet baby boy for some snuggles. Their sunny Chicago, Illinois beach session was everything I imagined–and more!

Most babies enjoy an al fresco photo session. If you’re ready to get out and see the world with your little one, a little outing at a park or the beach is usually a safe bet. There’s just something about being outside that makes even the littlest models show off their brightest eyes and biggest smiles. The Villa Family chose a Chicago, Illinois beach session at 12th Street Beach near Adler Planetarium with stunning views of the Chicago skyline. Their little guy was happy with the location to say the least!

Chicago, Illinois Beach Family Sessions

To be honest, I felt like crying the whole session. All the happiest tears. Watching this sweet couple go from promising their life to each other to bringing a new life into the world was just pure magic.✨ As a family and lifestyle photographer, I live for sessions like these! It puts the wind in my sails to document the stories of families I get to know over the years. I will NEVER take for granted the joy I get to capture in different seasons of life for just the very best humans in the world.

Maura and John, thank you thank you for allowing me to keep celebrating with you. I already can’t wait for our play dates.

3 Tips for a Successful Photo Session with Baby

Wondering how we managed a full session with a very happy baby? I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve:

A Change of Scenery

You already know babies are curious and a bit finicky. Stay in one spot too long (or dare to sit down for a moment) and here come the whimpers! Changing scenes is one way to prevent fussiness. Going from a spot with lots of sensory input (like loud waves and bright sun) to an area that’s a little calmer (a quiet flower garden) can make all the difference. Or, flip it if you baby gets bored easily and likes to observe.

Just Another Outing

Of course, your little one doesn’t understand the concept of a photo shoot yet. Instead of trying to force different poses or “smiling for the camera,” just treat it like a laidback family outing. Have fun together and be yourselves. I’ll guide you here and there as needed, but for the most part, focus on each other and soak up those snuggles. Go in for a tickle or do a little dance. These candid moment make the best photos, and your baby will love the attention (aka quality time)!

Familiar Items

If we’re headed to a new location your baby is not used to, consider bringing favorite item along: a blanket, lovey, toy, or paci. Having something familiar on hand will help comfort your baby if he or she starts getting fussy. (Don’t forget to bring along a change of clothes, bottle, and other backup necessities.)

Remember It All with Meg Adamik Creative

Sometimes I like to pause and marvel at how blessed I am to do what I do. Photography is one of the few ways to preserve the precious and fleeting chapters of our lives. A skillfully captured image can take us right back to that instant—that long-awaited first kiss, baby’s first cry, or the carefree laughter and chaos that is childhood. It’s so special to be able to flip through albums or glance up at a portrait on the wall and think of all the life we’ve lived to be where we are now. These sweet (and sometimes messy) stages can’t be paused—but they can be documented and cherished.

Friends, don’t let the days pass you by! Make the milestone and family portraits a priority. You’ll be so glad you did. Don’t feel like going out for a session? I can come to you as I did for this in-home newborn session.

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