Chicago In-Home Newborn Session | Introducing Kyla

Apr 19

The only thing I love more than a lifestyle newborn session full of sleepy snuggles and precious wrinkles is a newborn session with the whole crew! I certainly get the appeal of staying behind the scenes in a newborn session for new parents. Planning out hair and outfits might have your sleep-deprived head spinning. But hear me out! Do the session together. I’ve got you covered in the planning department. I’ll even pick out your clothes if you want me to! But I assure you, you will be SO glad you opted for a family session when you see the way you love each other as I do behind the lens—the overflowing joy and warmth outshines anything else (exhaustion included). And this heart-melting family session is proof. 

If you know me, you know relationships are everything. That’s a big part of why I became a photographer. I love honoring friendship, family, and life through photography. So, it probably comes as no surprise that I have some fun history with this family, too. I played lacrosse with Erika in college at the University of Illinois, so I was ecstatic to catch up with my long-time friend and capture her two beautiful little girls. 

Built-in Best Friends

Amazingly, this baby girl brightened the world on March 15th, almost two years to the day from her big sister’s birthday on March 16th, 2021! I have a feeling it’s a sign that they’ll be close (although I’m sure there will come a time when they want their own birthday parties). We did their newborn session at their home in Skokie, Illinois, and I’m a huge fan of lifestyle newborn and family sessions. (Check out another recent lifestyle newborn session and the perks of an in-home photoshoot here.)

Perks of a Lifestyle Newborn Session

With a lifestyle newborn session, you have everything you need right at your fingertips, including outfits, props, and special heirlooms like Erika’s grandmother’s gorgeous bassinet, featured in both girls’ sessions. Big sister Penelope actually slept in it when she was a newborn! We’ll see what Baby Kyla thinks.

Kyla is oh, so cute! From her full head of hair and froggy legs to her deep blue eyes and tiny button nose, it was hard not to keep clicking away for more photos (although a big part of me wanted to scoop her up for a little snuggle). And to make it even sweeter, Penelope is a darling big sister with lots of kisses for little sis and little “shhh”s when we were being too loud. (She’s already got the role down pat!) Both girls did a fantastic job during the session, even mastering the wardrobe change into their “Big Sis” and “Lil Sis” shirts like pros. 

I think P is quite fond of her new title—at two years old, she’s already such a kind, big helper! While Big Sister loves the limelight and takes an active role in caring for her baby sister, their cat Cora prefers to pop in for a priceless photobomb now and then. (Getting beloved pets in your photos is just another perk of doing a lifestyle newborn session.)

Celebrating Every Stage of Life with You

It has been so special to go from teammates on the lacrosse field to mom-ing together with Erika. We may spend more time cradling babies than lacrosse sticks, but I’m all the more honored to have captured a new chapter in their family’s story not only once but twice now. 

Cheers to this beautiful family of four! 

Ready to Book Your Family’s Lifestyle Newborn Session?

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