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My Favorite Chicago Engagement Session Locations

Jul 7

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Have you ever googled “Chicago Engagement Session Locations“? Then, this post is for you. Anytime I book a Chicago engagement session, one of the first questions I get, after “what do I wear?“, is “where should we take photos?” Of course, it’s a great question, but often times, I think one that, too my clients, get caught up on. Heck, I did for my own Chicago engagement session! So, I’ve put together a list of my favorite Chicago engagement session locations to help narrow down your choice!

A quick note:

I always encourage my couple to think outside of the most typical Chicago engagement session locations. You can’t go wrong with any of the suggestions below, but I encourage you to think of your Chicago. The spots that are important and meaningful to you, the ones that when you look back on these photos twenty years from now will not only bring you a beautiful view, but will also bring back the memories you had there. Some ideas to get you started:

•The dog park

•Your favorite ice cream joint

•A coffee shop

•A brewery

•On a boat!

•At the gym

•A local forest preserve


One other note – these spots make perfect locations for ANY type of session, not just engagements 😉

North Avenue Beach

Probably my most popular session spot. With a beachy vibe and an incredible view of the Chicago skyline, this spot has it all. You can frolick in Lake Michigan, then pop champagne and kiss with the city line behind you. If you’re looking for a good mix of Urban and beach, this spot is perfect.

Fullerton Beach

Just North of North Avenue Beach, you will find Fullerton Beach. This isn’t necessarily a beach, rather, it has stone steps leading up to Lake Michigan. Located right near Theater on the Lake, this spot offers breathtaking city views, and a wide open green space perfect for picnics and getting cozy on a blanket.

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum Flower Field

I like to actually start my Fullerton Beach sessions at the Peggy Notebaert Museum flower field. This little hidden pocket boasts a quaint nature feel with wildflowers and greenery. A great addition to the lake and city views from Fullerton Beach and just a quick walk on over.

Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool

Just South of the flower field is the charming Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool. This space includes lots of greenery and a quaint pond in its center. It’s a little hidden gem in Lincoln Park.

*permit required for photos

Lincoln Park Boardwalk | Honeycomb

On the South end of Lincoln Park, you will find the iconic “honeycomb” platform along with lots of greenery and flowers. I love this spot and all it has to offer from the unique honeycomb, to lots of nature and even a great area for getting that skyline shot. This spot does tend to be on the busier side for photos, so be prepared to wait a bit to take a turn for your Chicago engagement session photos here.

Olive Park

This is actually where I took my wedding photos! Another favorite spot for engagement locations in Chicago. This mixes greenery, with skyline views, and you’re even right next to Ohio St. Beach for some beachy photos! Golden hour here is absolutely stunning as the light hits the buildings. There is a fun overhang with a cityline view as it’s backdrop that is by far my favorite view in the city!

Lurie Garden

One of my absolute favorite spots in Chicago. There is SO MUCH BEAUTY from the greenery, and yet the sky skraper buildings Chicago is famous for are right on the other side!

West Loop Neighborhood

I love the urban feel you get in the West Loop neighborhood, and also how many different background you can fit into a session since everything is so close to each other. There’s the adorable alley at Green Street Smoked Meats. The clean colorful awning outside of Soho House. The Lincoln Insurance Agency Building blue wall. There are plenty of other backdrops to choose from as we walk and laugh our way through the West Loop.

West Loop Graffiti

I adore the beautiful graffiti art in the West Loop. Dare I say the colorful pixelated piece off of Peoria and Hubbard street (as shown above!) is my favorite? There are some great background all within walking distance of each other. You can find the current West Loop art, as well as art around the city using this street art map.

You Are Beautiful Art Installations

What started as a “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL” sticker in 2002, has turned into a beautiful collection of positive message public art installations. I actually stumbled upon the location above while driving around with Hannah and Lenin in Uptown, Chicago and had to stop for a few frames! You can actually now search all of the different current installations by You Are Beautiful here.

Greetings from Chicago Mural

A popular backdrop for my Logan Square engagement sessions and weddings! It brings the heart of Chicago from pizza to the Cubs in one frame.

12th Street Beach

This is actually where I had my own engagement photos taken! The 12th Street Beach is near the Adler Planetarium, so you get a sweet spot for beachy photos, but also the stunning city views on the other side of the Planetarium.

Chicago Riverwalk

As Chicago as it gets. Right in the heart of the city, surrounded by buildings, but also with pockets of greenery depending on the season. I love the stunning colors hitting off of the shiny skyscrapers and the energy of the bustling city int he air.

Wrigley Building

On the far East side of the Riverwalk, you will find the iconic Wrigley Building. Between the epic city views and classy golden colors of the building, it’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular photo spots in the city.

Garfield Park Conservatory

A perfect “secret garden” if you will filled with seven different rooms of greenery and flowers.

*Permit required for photos

Lincoln Park Conservatory

Similar to the Garfield Park Conservatory but a tad bit smaller.

*Permit required for photos

These are only a handful of the wonderful Chicago engagement session locations and all amazing spots to choose from. BUT, remember, at the end of the day, the most important aspect of your photos is YOU! If a cardboard box is where your favorite memories are made – challenge accepted – let’s shoot in a cardboard box! I can’t wait for our time together!



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