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Apr 8

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Let’s Chat Outfits

If you are anything like I was before my own engagement session – you bought 3 different outfits, stressed over new shoes being delivered in time, and were a hot mess when it came to what to wear. No – not you, well fantastic and good for you! I often feel like my clients worry about what to wear to their session. It’s totally normal but a few simple tips and suggestions can help ease the process of picking out outfits – so today that’s what I’m going to cover.


The 5 C’s to Conquering Your Engagement Session Outfits

1.Confidence is Key

If it makes you feel confident the answer is YES, you should wear it. If a dinosaur suit makes you feel confident, GO FOR IT. The last thing that you want during your session is to feel self-conscious about the outfits that you picked for our time together.  It’s going to hinder you having fun and  letting your true self and relationship shine.  Pick something that makes you feel like a million bucks and I guarantee you will look like just that…a million bucks!

Choosing an outfit you're confident in for an engagement session

Lindsey owned that chambray shirt and skirt. It was perfect for spinning, and twirling and represented her personality perfectly – laid back with a dash of glam. 

2. Comfortability is Key #2 

Movement is a big part of my lifestyle sessions. I like to have my couples run, jump, dance, twirl, climb, and keep moving throughout our session.  Be mindful of a few things when it comes to dressing for your session. What will the weather be like? Hot – probably want to wear something light and thin. Cold – bundle up buttercup. Where will we be shooting? Will there be a lot of walking? Maybe climbing? Will your clothes get dirty? Keep these questions in mind and dress appropriately. Try to imagine yourself at the spots we will be shooting and think of how you want to be able to move. If we’re hitting up a few locations or any rough terrain, you probably wanna throw some sneakers on and change into those heels at each location.

How to dress comfortably for an engagement session

Molly and Kevin were warned there might be some field running and made sure their outfits would allow for it! 

3. Coordination

This does not mean MATCHY matchy 😉 I don’t expect you to (but still kind of hope you do) both show up in white t-shirts and overalls (like my Mom made my brother and I do when we were kids).  When I say coordination, I mean pick a color scheme and try and match it with each other. You want your outfits to compliment each other and balance together. 2 things to coordinate: the color family and the style level.  If you’re planning on rocking a flowing chiffon maxi dress (which you totally should they look amazing!) make sure your partner is dressed to the nines as well. I like to have my couples plan for 2 outfits  – one dressy and one casual. I also always warn them, depending on where we are shooting an outfit change might take place in a car, behind a tree, or a public restroom. Be prepared!

How to Coordinate for an Engagement Session

Chelsea and Drew had the perfect mix of checker and plain – coordinating yellows and blues together!

4. Color 

I always recommend staying pretty neutral in your colors and adding pops with accents (like hats, jewelry, shoes, scarves, socks, etc.) Earthy tones – think greens, oranges, blues, grays, and creams, are always my recommendation.  You will want to try and stay away from crazy colors or patterns (no neon chevron please!).  Try and stay within the same family of colors (again going back to coordinating!).

Matching colors for an engagement session

Alex + Daniel couldn’t have planned their outfits any better than this. The pop of red and sweet pattern paired with subtle navy blue suit picked up the most beautiful tones at the Garfield Park Conservatory

5. Call me! 

Yes, seriously. Want to throw your outfits on your bed and send me a photo, GREAT! Want to facetime for a speed try on – no problem. I’m more than happy to help offer suggestions and guide you through the process, that’s part of my job, friends! I want to make sure that the whole entire experience is fun for you, and that includes the prep for our time together. When in doubt, whip it out—>your phone that is, and give your girl a call!

I’ve also put together a pinterest board with some outfit suggestions and I’m constantly adding to it. If you need a bit of inspiration, head that way! Outfit Ideas Pinterest Board

Lauren and Amy had the best combo of earth tones that were beautiful amongst their navy apartment.

Gorgeous coordinating blue engagement outfits

Hope and Daniel’s blue tones against Lake Michigan were pure perfection. 

A hat - a great accessory for an engagement session

Kendal’s maroon hat was a gorgeous rich pop of color and texture and a great accessory paired with the snow! 

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