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Bucktown Chicago Engagement Session

Mar 16

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I knew this session would be filled with fun when Sarah and Will grabbed drinks beforehand. In true Chicago fashion, they took shots of Malort to prepare them for our time together—extra giggles always make the photos even better! (If you want a laugh, here’s some comical history on the infamous Chicago liquor by Food & Wine.) If you’re a little camera shy—or just want to relax and have some fun—I like to reassure couples that I’m not a point-and-shoot kinda photographer. Bring your pup, stroll at the park, and unwind with a cocktail. What do the two of you enjoy doing together? Doing what you love in the places you love will give us the best photos! Plus, they’ll hold more memories down the road. This Bucktown, Chicago engagement session is sure to offer some inspiration!

Sunset Spectacular in Bucktown, Chicago

At the beginning of the session, we wanted to capitalize on the glowing “golden hour.” We hung around The 606 path as the sun set for these gorgeous sun-kissed outdoor portraits with chic urban vibes. Then, we headed toward Club Lucky, the iconic Italian restaurant and cocktail lounge where Will took Sarah after he proposed on a walk around Bucktown. (If you aren’t a local, Bucktown is a beloved Chicago neighborhood brimming with cute homes, local eateries, dive bars, and other fun hang-out spaces—it’s a fantastic spot for photo ops!

The night he proposed, Will invited their families and closest friends to surprise Sarah at the restaurant for a post-proposal celebration! They wanted to infuse those special memories into their engagement session, and it was so fun to be back, dirty martinis in hand with the smell of calamari making our mouths water. 

(Tip: don’t forget to make dinner reservations after your engagement session since you’re all dressed up. Why stop the fun when the photos are over? Enjoy an evening out on the town afterward!)

A Love Story in the Making

There’s no hiding that these two are thrilled to get married in just a few months. They initially bonded over their mutual love for music, and vibrant Chicago is the perfect place for them to experience all kinds of shows, concerts, and live entertainment. 

Not long into dating, they realized they had the important things in common, too. They share the same values for faith, family, and a great sense of humor and zeal for life! They both love people—he’s in sales, and she’s a college counselor—so the two of them have never met a stranger. Add in the fact that they both come from huge, loving families, and they can find a good time with those they love just about anywhere!

These two have been together almost four years now, and when you know, you know. They opted for a short engagement—because why wait?! With wedding plans underway, they’re more than ready to celebrate with all of their friends and family for one joy-filled wedding day! They’re passionate about the sacrament of marriage at their church, which means so much to them and their families. Then, they plan to get down on the dance floor with a Chicago band to keep the party going. 

Congratulations, Sarah & Will!

Cheers to your upcoming marriage, Sarah and Will! I know your wedding day will be unforgettable, and I can’t wait to help you capture every special moment through my lens. 

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