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Apr 4

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Have you visited Garfield Park Conservatory yet? If not, this precious proposal just might bump it to the top of your Chicago must-see list. GPC is a stunning hidden Chicago treasure and offers a beautiful place for photos and a great option in the colder months when the city is not so scenic and the weather is less than ideal. The conservatory is a gorgeous oasis overflowing with rare tropical plants, hidden nooks, and serene pools and ponds. It’s a photographer’s dream and the perfect place to pop the question.

Putting the Pieces Together

Ben was especially drawn to some of my previous Garfield Park Conservatory work (way to do your research, Ben!) He knew GPC would be the perfect place to propose since his (now fiancé) Lauren has a strong passion for plants. I love that he planned a location with her interests in mind. (Proposal tip: instead of going for the biggest and boldest plan, go with something that complements your personalities and tastes so that it means even more to the two of you. The “perfect proposal” looks different for every couple!)

Lauren and Ben are both doctors, so trying to line up the surprise proposal was a bit tricky. Even when we *thought* we had landed on a date and time, one of them would need to be at work, and Ben didn’t want her to suspect a thing. Finally, with the photographer, location, and date and time in place, all systems were ‘go’!

An Unforgettable Surprise

Lauren’s friend Shelby planned a day for the two of them to take a break with a stroll through the conservatory together. Just when she thought her relaxing day off with a close friend couldn’t get any better, Ben popped out of the greenery (literally), got down on one knee, and popped the question Lauren was utterly surprised and had the most joyful tears. My heart couldn’t handle every priceless expression and the excitement that followed.

One of the many things I love about GPC is that it’s so easy to discreetly fade into the background, completely unnoticed, while getting all the perfect angles. They could have their intimate moment together and still get up-close candid photos of the occasion. The conservatory has everything you need for a breathtaking surprise proposal. 

After the proposal, we walked around the conservatory, experiencing each unique room and marveling at the beautiful surroundings. Ben and Lauren were giddy with excitement, and I’m sure they’re already counting down the days till they say, “I do!” Congratulations to this happy, dynamic duo!

Garfield Park Conservatory Gardens & Exhibits

Want to change it up at GPC? If you want to add variety and feature different styles in your conservatory photo session, we have plenty of photogenic options, including:

  • Aroid House (featured greenhouse)
  • Koi Fish & Persian Lily Pond (inside Aroid House)
  • Desert House
  • Outdoor Gardens
  • Horticulture Hall (featuring the tiled fountain & mural)
  • The Fern Room
  • The Palm House
  • The Labyrinth
  • Rotating Art Exhibits by Chicago Artists
  • Seasonal Conservatory Installations
  • And more…

There’s so much to see and explore at the Garfield Park Conservatory. Rain or shine, warm or blustery, we have plenty of photo ops to work with at GPC. Plus, with spring and summer around the corner, we’ll have even more to work with between the outdoor gardens and seven greenhouse rooms.

More Garfield Park Conservatory Photos…

Looking for a photography location that’s both timeless and exotic? Daniel + Alex’s GPC engagement session featured in Chi the Wed is both! They took fantastic couple portraits with a pop of color from the florals and foliage. Get in touch with me to reserve your date and start planning your session.

For more GPC inspiration, check out Kruti + Premal’s proposal story or Edlyn + Emmanuel’s surprise proposal (which has some Desert House shots). I can’t get over the vibe and perfect lighting this conservatory offers! 

Reach out to plan your surprise proposal or engagement session at Garfield Park Conservatory! I’m more than happy to help with logistics to make it a seamless surprise. (Pssst, GPC does weddings, too!!)

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