Surprise Amsterdam Proposal – Corinna & Joerg

Jun 24

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It all began with Instagram.

It all began with an Instagram message. To be quite honest, I can’t even remember what it was about. Corinna of C Punkt Photography, a fellow wedding photographer from Germany, and I connected and slowly started chatting through the messenger in the app. To make a really long story short, when I announced I would be heading to Europe this summer, Corinna told me the weekend we would be in Amsterdam was actually her birthday weekend and she couldn’t think of any better way to spend it than road tripping and doing a photo swap. I said hell yeah girlfriend!

We decided this at the end of December and had 6 months of excitement before we finally got to meet. In all honesty, Kevin told me there was a chance we might get murdered or kidnapped and sold on the black market. Corinna if you’re reading this, I hope you will laugh about that now. You never know with the internet right? 😂

The Biggest Surprise, A Proposal Abroad

Little did Corinna know that Joerg and I had also been messaging on Instagram. He let me know that while in Amsterdam, he had a very big surprise for Corinna – a proposal.

Our Euro-trip arrived and suddenly we found ourselves at a pub waiting on Corinna and her boyfriend of 4 years, Joerg. We met up for a beer, ok two, and then planned on walking around Amsterdam. To be totally honest, we only made it one square block. About 20 minutes into our shoot, we started taking pictures at a beautiful door (there are SO many to choose from in Amsterdam). Joerg had put together a video from their dearest family and friends with reasons why Corinna should say YES! I could slowly see her eyes brightening as she started figuring out what was going on. When Joerg got down on one knee, she said yes, and jumped with joy (literally) and couldn’t stop kissing her new fiancé and throwing her arms around him. She yelled from the bridges, “I’m engaged!” and fellow boats passing by on the canal cheered. She literally radiated happiness, it was just so wonderful and the perfect proposal.

We all hugged, laughed and cried, and left the stoop just (literally just) as its owners came home, a family with about 4 small children. We laughed at how funny it would be if they would have come home mid-proposal! We celebrated with a glass of red wine and a delicious dinner together. It was our last night in Amsterdam, we had made the most wonderful new friends, and they were engaged!

Traveling and Elopement Photography

I do believe the only thing more exciting than adventures abroad, is getting to capture them through my lens. Getting to do what I love the most across the world was one of my very favorite experiences – one I hope to continue for years to come.

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