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In-Home Chicago Newborn & Sibling Session

Jun 21

Ten precious fingers and ten tiny toes. Sweet scrunchy faces and feathery soft hair. Big blue eyes and sleepy yawns. The newborn stage overflows with beautiful details you want to remember forever. This stage is fleeting—you’ll be on to the next equally-magical phase before you know it! It’s so important to capture every little moment while you can. An in-home newborn and family session makes it possible to photograph all of those wonderful moments without being the one behind the lens. (Trust me, Mama, you’ll want to be photographed in these, too.) The beauty of lifestyle photography is that you can savor the sweet snuggles from the comfort of your home and still get gorgeous wall-worthy portraits. In-home sessions are great for families with multiple kiddos and beloved family pets because you can capture the whole crew in your element! And that’s exactly what this precious Chicago family decided to do. If you’re looking for sibling picture ideas, you’ve come to the right spot–this session is adorable!

This lovely mom of two is a dear running friend of mine. Several years ago, we did marathon training together for three summers with CARA (Chicago Area Runners Association). Jodie and her husband Brian let me practice on them for a couple’s session when I was first getting started in photography! (We all have to start somewhere, but I admit I cringe a bit looking back at the lighting and quality. However, I was so excited to capture that chapter of their lives. Thankfully, they weren’t too hard on me.) Now, they’re a family of four, and my skills have come a long way since those early years of my career. It’s an incredible honor to have photographed so many milestones for their family. 

Family Heirlooms in the Making

Jodie just had her second baby, Wes, a few months ago. He was a smidge outside the true “newborn” stage, but he still had no trouble showing off his adorable hairdo and post-nap snuggles—oh, and a few inevitable cranky faces, too. But aren’t they still just the cutest?! I had to post them because that’s about as real as it gets; even those tears have a way of tugging at our heartstrings. You can look back at the candid in-between moment and laugh, reminding each other, “Remember the face he made when….” Every precious expression, happy, sleepy, and sad, reminds you of that little bundle of joy. It’s my goal to photograph all of this for you—everything from the more traditional family portraits to the little interactions and everything in between. 

Big brother Marshal is only three years old, but he takes his role very seriously. This handsome little guy was very proud of his little brother and loved holding Wes for photos. He’s still figuring out what all the noises, cries, and wiggles mean, but he’s taking it all in stride. We sang lots of songs to get genuine, happy smiles and remind him that while his baby brother may need extra attention, he’s still the co-star in this show. “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” was Marshall’s favorite! After a few rounds of that and lots of tickles and laughter, this beautiful family session was complete!

Sibling Picture Ideas | How to Get the Best Sibling Photos

Adding a new baby to the mix can cause a rollercoaster of emotions in older siblings. They probably feel excited and curious—but maybe a little jealous and confused, too. This sibling relationship is brand-new, so it hasn’t had much time to develop into something deeper. Often, sibling photos start well, but the younger the older sibling is, the faster they lose interest. Here are a few sibling picture ideas for getting those sweet photos (that they’ll appreciate later!)

1. Make it a game.

Have your little “big” sibling count baby’s fingers and toes or see if they want to sing to their baby brother or sister or try to make baby smile. You could also bring out the imagination and pretend you are all in outer space, the jungle, or on safari looking for animals. Not only are these games and interactions photogenic, but they help strengthen the growing sibling bond. You could even incorporate baby’s blanket or toys into the game of make-believe.

2. Mix in one-on-one time.

We can break up your session by giving each child one-on-one time and photos with Mom and Dad. Giving your older child(ren) extra love and attention will help them feel included and create space if they start getting cranky. We might even build in some play or reading time. An in-home newborn session lets us play it by ear and go at your pace.

3. Ask intriguing questions.

Sometimes older siblings just don’t know how to connect to this tiny baby that can’t talk or play and needs a whole lot from mom and dad. Help them out by asking questions like: 

  • “Why do you think your baby brother kicks his legs like that? 
  • “Which toy do you think your baby sister likes best?”
  • “What do you think she’s thinking when he makes that face? 
  • “What is she trying to say with her noises?”
  • “Your sister loves the sound of your voice! What song is her favorite? Will you sing it?”
  • “What character do you want your baby brother to be in this game?”
  • “Can you show your little sister how to _______?”

Let me know what ideas you have in mind for your family and sibling session. I’d love to incorporate them!

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