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Peregrine Lake Family Maternity Photos | Tips for Cheesin’ Toddlers

Oct 4

I met Cate in 2018 while I was shooting with a fellow photographer. She was the spunky, loveable, sharp-witted bridesmaid who kept everyone laughing all day. Fast forward to her own wedding at Bottom Lounge Chicago when she picked ME! to capture it. I was thrilled to reconnect with her, meet her other half, and help tell their love story through photography. 

Since then, I have been lucky enough to capture her two maternity sessions and now both newborn sessions for her beautiful family of four! What a joy it is to get to be a small part of life’s biggest adventures and have dear clients turn into darling friends.

Peregrine Lake Family Maternity Photos

For this Peregrine Lake family maternity photo shoot, we took advantage of the gorgeous trails and great weather at Peregrine Park. This outdoor photo sesh was absolutely dreamy, and their little guy was all smiles the entire time. Mom and Dad even got a quick moment to themselves for a few sweet, intimate couple’s maternity shots.

Even toddlers can sense that something is different and change is coming as your body changes, your belly grows, and the house gets rearranged. With their excitement can come a bit of apprehension. If you’re doing a family maternity session with younger kiddos, I’ve got a few tips to help make sure your session is full of happy memories like this sweet family’s.

Tips for Making Happy Memories During Your Family Maternity Session

1. Choose a location your child enjoys.

When it comes to maternity sessions with littles, location is key. If your little one struggles out of the house, I can come to you for a cozy at-home lifestyle session. Or, if your kiddo gets bored quickly and loves to venture out, a park is a great place to let them explore and have fun while I capture the memories being made.

2. Book your session at a good time.

I know—finding the right time for your family maternity session is always the hardest part. Not only do you have to pick the best time during your pregnancy and work around busy schedules, but you also want nice weather and lighting. If you’re doing your family maternity session with a toddler, your child’s routine will be one of the biggest scheduling factors. A post-meal, post-nap time works best so they’re fed, happy, and ready to play! I’ll work with you to find a time that works best for all of us. 

3. Prep them beforehand.

Let your little one know that you will be taking pictures together, and take turns taking a few on your phone or camera if you have one. You might also show them some photos of when they were a baby and explain how pictures are a good way to remember things. You want to remember this time when baby brother or sister was on their way and how excited you all were. 

4. Bring along a favorite toy and snacks.

Need an extra dose of comfort or motivation? A beloved stuffy, fun toy, or favorite snack might do the trick. (We almost always end up with a few Cheerio-eating shots in family sessions, and they’re adorable!) Having a familiar item or pick-me-up snack might be just what they need to keep that modeling energy up.

5. Go with the flow.

Don’t worry; I’m not really a point-and-shoot kind of photographer. I love to move around with you. The best way to ease into photos with kids is to let them play first. Simply spend some time together doing whatever you normally do or exploring the location. Once everyone is settled in and happy, we can sneak a few traditional portraits in between the candid moments to keep any frustration or boredom at bay during your family maternity session.

Book Your Family Maternity Photos with Me!

Pregnancy might seem to drag its feet when you’re eagerly awaiting your new addition, but somehow, it ends up flying by in the blink of an eye! Don’t forget to document this sweet chapter in your family’s story. Get in touch, and let’s get your family maternity session on the books.

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