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Chicago Fall Family Session at Humboldt Park

Jan 3

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The Saul Family found me through previous clients, and I was so excited to work with this amazing crew! We met at a new-to-me location for their fall family session. Somehow, in my six years photographing families, this was my first time at Humboldt Park in Chicago—but I am certain it will not be my last, especially for fall photos. I’m not sure we could have had better foliage for our session. The trees were in PEAK form, and the colors were simply breathtaking. Add in some lingering fog over the water, and this backdrop was fit for a painting.

As gorgeous as the leaves were, they were not the highlight of this session. The focal point: two precious brothers and their oh-so-in-love parents. Honestly, you never know what you’re going to get with an infant and a toddler—I’ve seen it all! But these sweet brothers sure knew how to make me melt with those smiles. Nothing can beat those little button noses and bright eyes! They were nothing but champs during our time together, and I can’t get over their adorable brotherly connection, even at such young ages. I’m sure they’ll keep Mom and Dad on their toes over the next few years, but that extraordinary bond is so worth any mischief that will inevitably ensue. 

Fall Family Session at Historic Humboldt Park

Humboldt Park offers year-round beauty and historic features. With 197 acres to explore, finding a secluded place to settle in for a photo session is not hard. Plus, this park has some beautiful historic architecture sprinkled throughout, including the fieldhouse, a bridge (featured in this session), and the boathouse along the lagoons. From fields to woodlands and quiet ponds, it’s a stunning photo location! The boardwalks and pathways make it easy for families to get from one spot to another without getting stuck in the tall grass or mud if it’s been rainy.

A Little Preparation Goes a Long Way

For their fall family session, Mom came prepared with anything and everything the family might need—a beautiful blanket to sit on (which somehow complemented the leaves perfectly!), a change of shoes for the boys, all of the mess-free snacks you can think of and more to keep her boys happy during our time together. It may have required a little extra prep on her part, but it definitely paid off! They felt right at home during the session, so I was able to capture their family even more authentically—they both seemed mesmerized by the lens. 

Don’t Sweat It!

With two littles myself, it was fun to chat about going from one to two littles and all the challenges and joys it brings. I have such a different view on family sessions now that I’m a mom and have been in the trenches getting everyone dressed, out the door, and smiling for those family photo days. I love connecting with my family clients on a different level in this way. I’ve been there, too! No matter how much thought and planning you’ve put into it, you never know what kind of curveball may come. That’s the very reason I encourage families not to stress too much over the little details and occasional (ok, daily) hiccups. I promise to help you get those photos in the in-between moments or transitions that give way to elusive smiles. Sometimes, they just aren’t having it, and I know it is what it is. Whether we end up with giggles or tears (or the occasional stoic), come laugh with me! This is an easygoing space for you to come as you are. And often, the more you have fun and roll with it, the more your little ones will, too.

More Tips & Inspiration for Chicago Family Sessions

If you’d like a few more tips on how to prepare for your upcoming family session, check out my recent post: Tips for Cheesin’ Toddlers. Browse other family sessions on the blog or head over to Instagram @megadamikcreative for more ideas and resources. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out with questions!

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