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Old Town Chicago – Proposal – Kiley + Zach

Sep 2

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I can’t imagine a better way to start a Saturday morning than by getting to witness and document two darling people get engaged. When Zach reached out to me and told me that he would be including their dog “Piper” in his Old Town proposal and that his (then) g/f “likes dogs more than she likes people”, I knew we were going to hit it off.

Zach and Kiley love taking Piper on long walks through their Old Town neighborhood, so it wasn’t too hard to convince Kiley to take a Saturday stroll with brunch as a destination. Zach stopped in front of a beautiful white house and got down on one knee as Kiley kept walking. When she realized he wasn’t next to her, she spun around and immediately threw her hands to her mouth in shock. Hiding from behind my Jeep, I could see a big old YES and Zach popped up and wrapped her into a huge hug. Piper seemed to be just as excited as the two of them.

I captured the proposal, and then we strolled around Old Town celebrating! I have to say, Piper stole a good part of the show. She was friendly, adorable, and a doll in front of my camera. What was typically a normal Saturday stroll turned into a moment that Zach and Kiley will never forget, and one they get to reminisce about on all their future walks. And for a dash of good luck on their newly engaged journey, we got caught in a little rain, and went with it. Totally worth it.

Congratulations again Zach + Kiley, and Piper too! 🍾

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