New Lenox Studio Family Session

Apr 25

My sweet sister-in-law, Leah, planned a surprise 70th birthday party for her Mom, Roxanne. In order to pull it off, she booked a New Lenox studio family session with me. This very loved mama—also known as Gigi to her grandkids—could finally get some updated family portraits with her whole crew. Her grandkids are growing up, so Leah and her sister knew this session would be the best gift they could give her (next to having the whole family together to celebrate). All the laughter and fun they shared during their session was as priceless as the photos—memories in the making! 

New Lenox Studio Family Session

With rain in the forecast, we switched to a plan B and booked a studio in New Lenox that turned out to have the most perfect leather couch and crisp white backgrounds for the session. Paired with the family’s black and neutral color theme, it was an ideal setup. Plus, with four grandkids in tow, this studio space offered fewer distractions and cozy furniture for a more intimate, lifestyle family session experience. We didn’t have to ask twice for them to squeeze in and give Gigi some extra love. 

After the session, the family headed back to Leah’s house, where all of Roxanne’s family and friends waited for her to help her ring in 70. Needless to say, Roxanne was utterly surprised and spent the evening sipping, dancing, and celebrating with her people. They even brought in dueling pianos to set the scene and play a chord or two of “Roxanne,” of course. It was a night to remember as they all celebrated this extraordinary woman in their lives.

Studio sessions are fantastic for larger families, especially if you’re concerned that your home isn’t “in-home photo ready.” A studio or local vacation rental can provide the aesthetic space you need for your family without the added pressure of styling and cleaning your home with several kiddos underfoot. (I certainly get it. Trying to coordinate outfits, do hair and makeup, find missing shoes, AND keep the house clean can feel a bit overwhelming.) Don’t worry; you don’t have to stuff everyone in the garage until your session begins! 

3 Reasons to Consider a Rental for Your Studio Family Session

There are a few perks to booking your lifestyle family session at a local studio or vacation rental (via VRBO, Airbnb, or similar) for both large and small families.

1. Pick Your Aesthetic

I’m happy to share a few studio recommendations, or you can browse local rental listings on your own. Instead of reorganizing or redecorating your home—or maybe you’re on a time constraint and need photos soon but don’t have time to prep!—you can find a space that suits your needs and style. Most photography studios are on the minimalist side, offering natural light, crisp walls, and classic furniture. The benefit here is that you are the stars of the show without any distracting background noise or clutter. Studio portraits make fantastic curated albums and wall art. 

Or maybe you prefer a space that looks and feels more like home. A tastefully decorated rental might be the way to go. Most rentals keep décor to a minimum but emphasize comfort and coziness. (The key here is to make sure it has enough natural light. Open concepts tend to work better since closed-off rooms can be darker.)

2. Privacy

Sure, you could opt for an outdoor location for your family session, but some families prefer more privacy for several reasons. For instance, families with kids with special needs, anxiety, or weak immune systems might not want to deal with potential crowds or other challenges public spaces create. A studio or rental might feel a bit more comfortable. You can also take breaks, make wardrobe changes, or address any needs that arise with your kiddos more easily at home or in a studio setting.

3. Fewer Distractions

Along those lines, you or your kids might find it difficult to relax in front of the camera with onlookers in a public space. Or, maybe you have a child who is more interested in exploring the world around them—at full speed!—when you get out of the house. A smaller space with fewer distractions might be the solution you’re looking for.

Here for Life’s Sweetest Moments in Their Truest Form

My passion is real-life photography. No matter what that looks like for you, I’m happy to help you find the perfect space or location to fit your family’s needs and style. Get in touch with me here to start planning your family session in Chicago, New Lenox, or surrounding areas! Find more inspiration and resources on Instagram @megadamikcreative.

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