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Intimate Blumen Garden Wedding | Mary & Andy

Dec 14

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Blumen Garden just so happened to be the perfect third venue for Mary & Andy’s Intimate Wedding. Just like the life growing all around them in the garden they wed amongst, their life together is sure to bloom.

I’ve seen a lot of changes to weddings this year. I’ve seen a lot of plans cancelled and moved, guests dwindled down, venues changed, dates changed, etc. If there was a change to be made, I feel like Mary & Andy had them all – even up to the day of their wedding where I walked in to Mary on the phone with the catering company. ⁠⠀

This couple has faced what I am sure is one of the most challenging years and yet on this day, I watched them hold hands on a brisk Fall Saturday day, in front of 10 people – myself and the priest included – and finally get to do the only thing they’ve been wanting to do through it all – marry each other. And the smiles on their faces when that priest announced them as the new Mr. & Mrs. Day was everything. ⁠⠀

There wasn’t a full bridal party to get ready with. Siblings had to cancel travel plans last minute. The guest list was significantly cut down. These two dealt with each change and curve thrown their way with patience and elegance. While it might not have been the wedding they originally planned, I could see on their faces that the only thing that mattered to them yesterday was each other, and that is what marriage is all about.⁠⠀

I’m so happy for you Mary & Andy. You are such good people and the joy I got to witness from you both on this special day was simply divine. I can’t wait to celebrate you again next year at Alter Brewing!

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