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Alter Brewing Co. Engagement Session – Downers Grove, IL | Mary + Andy

Mar 30

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“We’d like to do our engagement session at a brewery”. When Mary told me this, I squealed a little with joy! A brewery engagement session? Count me in! I am always encouraging my couples to pick places that are out of the norm, and meaningful to their relationship. As lovers and brewers of beers, Alter Brewing Co. was the perfect place to capture Mary and Andy in their element – sipping on a good IPA and spending time together.

These two met on Bumble and ironically beer played a part in their first date. Mary was a tad hungover from too many beers the night before, and Andy got a good laugh out of it since he was a home brewer.

Mary and Andy are as laid back as it comes. They go with the flow and simply love enjoying each other’s company, whether that’s cooking, hiking, or talking their dog on walks, and of course, visiting breweries together. Andy loves how easy Mary is to be around. He says he feels more himself around her. Mary loves how Andy tolerates her weirdness. She also said he always tries to find the positive in every situation.

I loved capturing them amongst one of their favorite things – beer – and also catching up on their upcoming wedding at the Mayslake Peabody Estate! The two are throwing an afternoon wedding at an absolutely stunning location that will have plenty of non-traditional touches. I can’t wait to see what they come up with, and to also get to play a small role in getting these two married!

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