Uptown Chicago Engagement Session | Hannah & Lenin

Aug 17

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Oh my goodness. This Uptown Chicago Engagement Session was just so darn special. Unique. Intimate. Warm. Hannah and Lenin took my advice of picking a location that was organic to them, their relationship, their love story. They picked their home, and all of their happy places nearby.

These two toured me around some of their favorite spots in their Uptown Chicago neighborhood. Much like their relationship, they love the diversity and soul of the Uptown neighborhood. The culture, the color, the inviting feel they get when they walk around their part of town. When they look back at this stage of their life, they wanted to remember their favorite mural, the iconic Aragon Ballroom, Bingo Tea in Asia on Argyle they walk to each week, and Fiesta Mexicana where they visit every single Tuesday for a cold beer and a taco.⁠⠀
Not only did I love getting to visit these special places in Uptown Chicago, but I loved getting to witness the excitement and passion that Hannah and Lenin have for each other. You can just feel it from them when they’re together – they have so much love for one another and are constantly showing it. ⁠⠀
I will be anxiously awaiting their big day in October at The Garfield Park Conservatory, where they get to have their biggest adventure yet ✨⠀

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