Headshot Session – Kansas City, MO – Cued Creative

Jul 9

I love traveling, exploring, and adventuring in new places – but when my travel schedule allows for a session at my destination, I do a little happy dance. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Chicago, and all of the beautiful midwestern locations I’m privileged to capture, but I love meeting new people, exploring new cities, and sneaking away from my trip to capture life.

One of my dear friends, Claire, is currently getting her doctorate (she’s a smart cookie) in Children’s Language at the University of Kansas. She’s been there for 4 years and I’ve slacked majorly on paying her a visit. But, with the help of my cousin’s wedding, my trip was booked. Claire mentioned her clinic was due for new headshots and before I knew it, I had a girl boss session with 22 therapists from the Children’s Therapy Services Clinic and also two of the babes running the show for their new business venture, Cued Creative  .

Claire has known both Jen and Hannah (head honchos of both ventures) for years and by extension I feel like I’ve known them as well. It was so good to finally get to meet these entrepreneurial spirited ladies, hear more about the great work they are doing, and capture them together – they make quite the dynamic duo.

After a quick coffee shop session (why are coffee shops always so darling?), we headed back to Jen’s beautiful suburban home for some headshots and group shots of her incredible team of therapists.

I love how Jen and Hannah wanted their team to be front and center in their offices.  These updated pictures will fill one of their walls, highlighting the great women that make up CTS!  Headshots don’t have to be stiff and formal in a suit in an office, friends! What do you want your business to reflect, what kind of message are you trying to send to your clients or consumers? Representing WHO is a part of your brand is just as important as representing your branding.  Your people hold as much leverage as your logo and that’s why it’s so important to share their faces on your outlets.

If your own team is overdue for some updated headshots, group shots, or anything in between – drop me a line and let’s chat! ✨

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