Bloom Bash Workshop – Nashville, TN – Part One

Jun 25

April 2nd, 2018, almost one month after I left my 9-5 is where this story begins.  I was a bit lost in life, unsure of where to plant my feet and also reading You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero. The book discusses the power of positivity –  putting positive vibes into the universe and having them come back to gingerly slap you in the face.  When I first started reading the book, I just kept thinking to myself, this is hippie bullshit. But, heck, what did I have to lose. I started throwing positive thoughts out there, sprinkling them like “salt bae” everywhere I looked.

I have followed the Bloom Workshop for quite some time on Instagram and happened to see they were giving away one entry to their Nashville workshop. My heart just about burst out of my chest with excitement. T H I S • I S • I T. This is the sign. I’m going to win this, and I’m going to finally stop dipping my toes in the water of entrepreneurship, go to this damn workshop and dive head first into meg adamik creative. So I applied. And a few weeks later, while out walking Sully and on the phone with my Mom, I had a little Facebook message pop up on my watch from the gals at Bloom – I won.

I somehow managed to keep myself composed for the 2 mile walk home – thank goodness for Moms who are willing to stay on the phone with you! I ran up the stairs of my three story walk up faster than I ever have, opened the door and burst into tears as soon as I saw Kevin.  Poor guy had no idea what was going on! That hippie bullshit of telling yourself you can make it happen, isn’t really hippie bullshit at all my friends. And when I spent the night booking a flight and airbnb in Nashville, I sure felt like a bad ass.

Jump forward to the morning of May 8th, in Nashville, Tennessee. I took the short walk from my Airbnb and lit up as soon as I saw the Riverwood Mansion, our humble abode for the next 2 days.

Myself along with around 20 other creatives – florists, event planners, makeup artists, calligraphers, and other doers and dreamers – spent 2 days fully immersed in learning how to build and sustain the best business we could.  Our darling hosts – Michaela from Michaela Noelle Designs and Ashley from Ashley Slater Photography could not have been lovelier.  Their business savviness, warmth, and execution made for an absolutely wonderful experience.  We spent the next two days learning, flourishing, and allowing our creative juices to flow like crazy.  I can’t even begin to express how great it felt to be in a room full of creative women – all brainstorming, encouraging, and supporting one another.

We had lectures on business best practices from blogging to Instagram execution, a calligraphy class taught by the incredible Alex Bray from Prairie Letter Shop, a floral arranging class by the amazing Amy Osaba of Amy Osaba Events and a guest panel with the below extremely talented ladies:

– Cassidy of Cassidy Carson Photography | @cassidycarsonphoto
– Amber of Amber Housley | @amberhousley
– JoJamie of BBR Music Group | @jojamie
– Naomi of At First Blush & Co. Events | @atfirstblushandco
– Savannah of Kendra Scott |

My favorite part of the workshop was our styled shoot – which I’ll be chatting all about in next week’s post!

I left after two days full to the brim with inspiration, knowledge and a fire to keep pursuing my passions. I also left with some incredible relationships from ladies pursuing their own creative dreams.

If you’ve ever wondered if a creative workshop is right for you, I can’t encourage you enough to just do it.  We spend so much money as creatives on materials and resources, but I think we hesitate when it comes to investing in ourselves. This is me telling you, you’re worth it. 

For more information on the Bloom Workshop, click here!

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