What to Wear for Your Newborn Session

May 31

The most common question I get for any of my sessions, is “what should I wear?” After years of taking newborn photos, I’ve found a pretty good recipe for what to wear. Stay within the same 2-3 colors for all family members being photographed. Add depth with textures and simple accessories like socks and jewelry. Avoid bold patterns and colors. Especially for newborn sessions, the simpler, the better. We want all the focus in your photos to be on that baby 🙂


First and foremost, you want to be comfortable. It’s important to choose clothing that fits well and you feel confident in, especially as you navigate your new postpartum body. Some of my favorite outfit combinations are:

•Flowing maxi dresses

•Leggings and t-shirts or a tank and cardigan

•Stretchy Jeans (I wore my maternity jeans for my own photos) with a long or short sleeve top

For colors, stick to soft neutral tones like white, tan, gray, cream, and other light colors. These will be the most flattering on your newborn’s skin tone. Avoid strong patterns and bold hues (especially bold reds oranges and pinks). Simple and neutral are my go to’s for these sessions. Also, if you plan on being barefoot and haven’t fit that pedicure in, it’s no big deal. Your feet will certainly not be the focus in your photos 😉

Ideas for Mom


Jeans and a neutral colored t-shirt is always my first choice for Dads. It’s simple, complimentary, and looks classic in photos. It’s also a usually a soft material on baby’s skin to keep them comfortable. Otherwise, dress shirts and sweaters with jeans or colored pants (earth tone green, blue, or tan khakis) are a more formal option. Don’t forget small things like a coordinating belt, or matching socks to complete your outfit.

Ideas for Dad


Their birthday suit and a diaper is the best place to start! The simplicity of a babe in just their nappy allows their other tiny features to be the focus of the photos. A few other ideas are short sleeve onesies, knotted gowns, rompers, and overalls. I always recommend using extremely neutral colors on baby (whites, grays, tans). Because their new skin is so delicate, bright and intense colors can turn out very harsh in photos. Simple swaddles, bows, caps, and booties are always fun accessories to diversify your images.

Ideas for Baby


For siblings, stick within the same color tones as the rest of the family. Jeans and t-shirts, overalls, and sweaters are all great options for your other littles! Try to avoid big patterns and bold colors.

Ideas for Siblings


My style for newborn sessions is very organic – my goal is to capture images of you doing your everyday thing (your lifestyle! ). I do not provide props, rather, I like to use the everyday items that you will be using with baby. A teddy bear gifted at the hospital, the blanket your grandma knitted for the little one, the swaddle you plan on using to get cozy with baby on the weekend. We also want to work with baby on soft materials like the comforter on your bed, a shaggy (clean) rug, and in the crib! If you have other items you want to include in the session we can absolutely work with them, but I always feel the simpler, the better.

Prop Ideas

Amazon Idea List

I’ve put together an idea list on Amazon to get you started with your planning! Some of these products I used for my own newborn sessions with Kate and Ollie. Use this as a starting place for style and colors. If you need additional help, I’m always here to help guide you through different choices!

Click Here to Visit My Idea List

My other favorite places to shop:

•H&M : My absolute favorite place to shop for my own babes. There is a huge selection of natural colored items with fun prints and patterns. The clothes are well made and last us!

•GAP: Great for basics! Simple tees/sweaters, pants, shorts, and leggings.

•ZARA Kids : A bit pricier, but the styles are darling.

•Old Navy: Another favorite for our basics!

Looking for other ways to prepare for your newborn session? Check out 3 Tips for Preparing for Your Newborn Session!

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