Theater on the Lake – Chicago, IL – Molly + Kevin

Nov 5

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Molly is the kind of gal who has your back. She is full of life and fiery – just like her insanely gorgeous red hair and breathtaking freckles. I met Molly in college and enjoyed nothing but laughs and shenanigans – my favorite kind of friendship. I stayed in touch via social media, and loved following along her beautiful love story that seemed to be unfolding with Kevin. And then she got engaged, and then I got one of the best emails in the world —-> Hey Meg, We Need Engagement Photos”.

I met Molly and Kevin out for dinner and drinks to chat all things engagements and weddings and to meet this beau of hers. He already had a one up because his name is Kevin and I’m partial (for those that don’t know, my hubs is a Kevin!). I’m not sure if it was the shared pork nachos, the “that’s what she said” jokes that we said at the same time, or picking up right where we left off in college, but Kevin and I hit it off – I should have known I’d love him just as much as Molly.

For their session, we met at Theater on the Lake, the place where Kevin proposed to Molly. Getting to watch my old dear friend so effortlessly in love with her best friend makes me want to tear up just thinking about it. Molly and Kevin’s love for each other is comfortable, sarcastic, and deep. They love just as hard as they laugh together.

And Kevin, that boy’s a keeper. He might have popped his knee cap out of the socket and had a camera in his face for an hour, but he soaked up every second with his girl, and even gave me a piggy back ride. I’ve been dying to test out a prompt, but never had the guts to ask any of my guy clients if I can hop on their back for a shot (at 5’9, I’m not the most dainty little Princess to carry!). Well, Kevin agreed and we captured one of my favorite shots yet – can you guess which one it is? 😉 Molly’s smile could have lit up that whole sky, and I’m pretty sure it did a little.

I simply can not wait for these two to tie the knot and to get to capture this big Irish wedding in all it’s glory next October!

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