Couple at Sunrise

North Avenue Beach Sunrise Engagement Session | Lindsey + Matt

May 20

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Matt and Lindsey are pretty adventurous people. They love to explore, scale mountains, and have traveled the world together. So when I suggested a sunrise engagement session at North Avenue Beach, they didn’t hesitate to say “We’re in. Can we bring our dogs?

We had the most gorgeous morning with cotton candy colored skies as our backdrop. The best part about a North Avenue Beach sunrise engagement session is that you’re up before a good chunk of the city. Sure there are a few runners lining the path, and other pups romping in the sand, but for the most part, we had the boardwalk and skyline to ourselves – is there anything better?

My favorite prop for engagement photos is of course, dogs, so when Matt and Lindsey asked if Humphrey and Gilmore could join in on the fun, I couldn’t have said yes fast enough. These goofy boys had a blast chasing birds, swimming in Lake Michigan, and getting cozy with their favorite humans. After a quick outfit change, and a pop of champagne, we walked on over to Hotel Lincoln – Lindsey with a glass full of champagne at 7AM. My kinda girl. Why Hotel Lincoln you ask? Any guesses on this duo’s future last name 😉

To say I’m excited for this couple’s wedding at Celeste Chicago in October would be an understatement. I shot Matt’s sister’s Vail, Colorado wedding back in 2018 and let me just say, the Lincoln’s know how to have a good time. Already counting down the days my friends!

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