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Lakefront Sunrise Chicago Elopement

Dec 1

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A sunrise elopement is always a fabulous idea, especially in the City by the Lake. ✨ I spent the most magical morning with Sam and Brendan on the sparkling shores of Lake Michigan before they eloped at City Hall. The sunrise was breathtaking, and the only thing more beautiful in this Chicago elopement was Sam and Brendan’s beaming smiles and the profound happiness radiating from them.

Eloping in Chicago

Since they were all dressed up with plenty of time before their Chicago City Hall elopement, we had some fun with their (almost) newlywed photoshoot. As a photographer, one of my favorite things about our city is the variety. You can have glowing beachy vibes from one angle and do a 180 to have the cityscape at your back. It’s possible to get bustling metropolis compositions and romantic lakeside portraits without hopping on a plane—or even a car! 

So, after those vibrant sunrise shots, we strolled the Riverwalk and a few downtown blocks. It helps that the Cadillac Palace Theater is just across the street from City Hall. If you’re considering a Chicago City Hall elopement, you have endless photo possibilities. You can find a bit of everything from cocktail bars and art galleries to historic architecture, murals, and museums. Let me know what style and attractions pique your interest, and we can organize a route to make it happen.

Sam and Brendan are planning on a traditional wedding with friends and family next year. However, this happy couple couldn’t wait any longer and wanted to honor their commitment and future with an intimate courthouse elopement.

From the Couple

“I run corporate sustainability programs and have a huge passion for animals. Brendan is in the Navy and loves surfing. We were both born and raised in Chicago and met during COVID. Since then, we have lived in 4 different states and added 3 animals to the mix. Before our large wedding next year, we wanted to elope at the courthouse. We really like the true emotion your photos bring. It isn’t too flamboyant or serious; it has a lot of flow and laughter.”

Perks of a Chicago City Hall Elopement

Whether you’re planning a big celebration later or prefer to keep things simple, here are a few reasons I love City Hall elopements:

Extra Time for Portraits 

Some couples choose to formalize their marriage before the wedding day and wait to take photos, but this is an integral part of your story, too! A City Hall elopement doesn’t have to be all business. Wear something fun, and let’s document this sweet milestone for you! An elopement is a great time to book a full session and get extra photos. What better way to update the walls in your home than with eye-catching sunrise portraits like these? 😉

Flexible Photo Locations

Since we aren’t at a venue, we’ll have a variety of photo options. Like an engagement session, we can take your elopement photoshoot just about anywhere. Let me know if you aren’t eloping at City Hall, and we can scope out other photogenic elopement locations around the city. Chicago is your oyster!

Unrestricted Timeline

A traditional wedding day has designated time slots for couple’s portraits, but the day is wide open with an elopement. Sam and Brendan opted for a beautiful sunrise session, which allowed us to take full advantage of those breathtaking colors over the water. And, since they chose a weekday morning, we didn’t have to wade through the crowds. The Riverwalk and lakefront paths get crowded on evenings and weekends, but we just had a few joggers here and there. With an elopement, you can select a time that works best for your schedules and avoid the busiest times at your location. 

Enjoy Your Day Your Way

And finally, an elopement gives you more freedom to enjoy your day. After officially tying the knot at City Hall, Sam and Brendan could enjoy coffee and brunch, stroll around downtown, go out with friends that evening, or even get in their comfy clothes and take a nap! Every couple is different, and some don’t like the pressure of a large event centered around them, and that’s ok! So, if an elopement sounds like your cup of tea, let’s do this thing! 

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