Baby Adamik’s Flamingo Themed Nursery – Lombard, IL

Mar 21

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Never did I think I would be sharing a blog that didn’t include a couple in it. But, the Meg Adamik Creative brand includes sharing my life, and the little lady that will be gracing our presence come the end of April is a pretty darn big part of my life. So today, I’m sharing her flamingo themed nursery (come on, like you didn’t know it was going to be Flamingo themed!).

I’m not a very big “pink” kinda girl and I was all over the place with what I wanted this nursery to be. Formerly my office, this room has the most gorgeous rich blue walls that I knew I wanted to keep, boy or girl. There have been several mood boards created and tweaked and a lot of Pinteresting along the way! I won’t say there weren’t rugs and curtains and things purchased that didn’t get returned. I will also admit that if you look closely, you will see the nail holes on the dresser from where I nailed the backside to the front….but in the end, this room has turned into quite possibly my favorite in the house.

I love taking breaks throughout my day and sitting in the recliner to just rock and think about what life is going to look like in just over a month (or sooner!).

So – why a flamingo themed nursery? If you’re new around here, you might not know, but flamingos are my jam. I feel as though they stand tall and stand out in a crowd, two things I like to live my life by, and hope my little one will as well. You might notice the custom print I made for her adorning her gallery wall:

Wade into life. Stand out in a crowd. Spend time with your flock. Find the right balance. Show your true color. Keep your beak clean. Don’t be afraid to get wet.

Also, please peak the darling “Stand Tall Darling” pillow my dear friendor Sharris Wilson of Canvas Wed got me. She actually sent this to me about a year ago and it fit so perfectly in this room. As we inch closer to her due date, I keep getting more and more excited. I love that I’ve created such a special room for her to grow up in. You can also see that Sully is fully ready to assume his role as furry big brother 🐾

I feel so incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful support system of family and friends and also just the very best clients in the world, who have been there since we announced our pregnancy. Thank you everyone for your continued love and support.

Get ready to see more of this flamingo themed nursery, and of course, baby girl, come the end of April ✨


Rug // Overstock

Shag Rug // Costco 

Recliner // BuyBuy Baby

Dresser // Ikea

Gold Dresser Knobs // Amazon

Crib // Wayfair

Crib Sheets + Changing Pad Cover // Target

Lounger // Snuggle Me Organic Snuggle Me Organic 

Book Ledge // Ikea

Headband Hooks // Target 

Side Table // Amazon 

Pineapple Lamp // Target 

Flamingo Bin // Amazon 

Curtains // Amazon

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