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Mar 8

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Even underneath the masks for this pandemic elopement, you could see Chloe and Nick grinning from ear to ear. They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and it’s very fitting for this Chicago City Hall wedding. I’m a romantic at heart, and you really can’t mask love! After they said, “I do,” I had such a wonderful time introducing Chloe and Nick to my beloved Chi-Town. They leisurely danced and strolled down the Chicago Riverwalk. It was such an honor to photograph their intimate Chicago City Hall elopement and newlywed photo session.  

Let’s Go to Chicago!

Chloe and Nick are the perfect match—but they didn’t always see it that way. Their friend group pointed out the obvious throughout their college years, but in their minds, it would never work. In fact, Chloe told me, “I am not kidding when I say that I hated him when I first met him. We were too similar, and it irked me that he would always say what I was thinking and succeeded in whatever he tried.” Nonetheless, they gave it a try their senior year—only to realize their friends were right. And they’ve been inseparable ever since…at least in spirit.

Both are in the Air Force, making living arrangements a bit tricky. Tying the knot makes things somewhat easier. He’s from Vermont, she’s from Georgia, and they’ve always wanted to visit Chicago. So, they figured a Chicago elopement would take one city off their travel bucket list and allow them to begin their new life together—hopefully literally and not just in spirit this time.

How could I tell that these two were meant to be? They love doing laundry together. That’s a sure-fire sign that your love is genuine and will stand the test of time (because who likes laundry?) And when they aren’t living their best life folding towels and having dance parties in the kitchen, they’re chasing waterfalls and hiking summits. All that to say, they are each other’s home and love doing life together—however, it looks at the time. And that’s the kind of love we all aspire to find.

A Destination City Hall Elopement

In every twist and turn, they knew it was meant to be. Nick proposed to Chloe on a hike just before the 2023 New Year. Without much ado, they set their elopement for February 11th, their 4th dating anniversary. And here we are, showcasing their story on the blog, all in a matter of weeks!

Chloe and Nick wanted to elope, but she still wanted to feel like a glamorous bride. So, she hopped on Poshmark and found her entire ensemble: a darling Kate Spade heart purse in honor of Valentine’s Day and a beautiful pink coat to match! She did her own hair and makeup—with the help of a few makeup classes—and she nailed her chic look flawlessly! 

Unfortunately, on the way down the escalator at City Hall, Chloe’s dress got stuck, and it ripped part of the bottom and smeared grease on the train. But Chloe handled it like a champ, saying she was just happy it was a second-hand dress and not a new one! 

Chicago Riverwalk + North Avenue Beach Newlywed Session

After a quick-yet-beautiful ceremony at City Hall, the couple celebrated with a cupcake kiss—red velvet for Chloe and carrot cake for Nick. Then, we explored the Chicago Riverwalk and ended with sun-kissed photos at North Avenue Beach. All-in-all, their elopement weekend was absolutely beautiful and filled with love from beginning to end. I wish the two of them the very best on their adventures ahead! Cheers to Chloe and Nick!

Chicago City Hall Elopements with Meg Adamik Creative

City Hall elopements are far from boring! As part of your story, it deserves to be beautifully photographed so you can cherish the memories for years to come. When you book your elopement photography with me, I’ll help you curate a timeline with fantastic photo locations so you can have fun, celebrate, and get wall-worthy portraits! From sipping brews to strolling along the shores of Lake Michigan, your elopement day will be unforgettable and far from ordinary.

Take a peek inside Rhea & Jordan’s Chicago City Hall elopement for inspiration. (Plus, it’s full of City Hall Elopement Planning Tips.) 

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