In Home Engagement Session – Orland Park, IL – Lauren + Amy

Nov 26

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Drinking old fashioneds. Dancing in the kitchen.  Trying new Pinterest recipes and snuggling up with their pup Charlie on the couch for Netflix marathons. When Lauren + Amy told me these were a few of their favorite things, all I could think was, well, hell, when can I come over and join? An in-home engagement session seemed like the absolute perfect fit for these ladies.

I really really adore in home sessions. I know a lot of people want photos of iconic landmarks, or locations that are special to them, but I think people forget about how special their home is, and how many memories take place there every single day. So, I was thrilled when our schedule for the day included just that – cocktails, snuggles, and capturing the warmth between these two beautiful souls on the perfect Fall day.

I’ve known Lauren since high school. Her twin brother used to be one of my bosses when I was a lifeguard at the local pool. Her best friend was my good friend in High School. I’ve followed along with her since High School (thank you social media!) and one of the biggest parts of her life that I’ve gotten to follow was her journey with Amy.  The two have been together for 7.5 years, with the first 2 being long distance. I must say, they are two of the most romantic humans I’ve ever met – and their engagement stories are breathtaking.

The Proposals

Lauren told me that Amy is her writer at heart.  Last Christmas, after a day of tailgating with family at the Bears game, the two exchanged gifts in their matching Christmas jammies, and Lauren had a little something extra for Amy.  A vintage 1950’s  typewriter, with her love note typed out in it. At the bottom of the letter it said “it’s you, it’s always been you” and when Amy looked up, Lauren was down on one knee. Amy, of course, said  y e s. It was a Christmas they will never forget.

Fast forward to May 2018, aboard a plane back to see Amy’s family on the East Coast, Lauren woke up from a lil nap to Amy with a ring, asking her to marry her at 15,000 miles. Since their whole journey started with a long distance relationship, Amy said it only seemed fitting to pop the question where it all started (once they hit the East Coast). Lauren said YES, the attendant announced it on the speaker, and the plane cheered. Neither will ever have to fly solo again.

That Love

Amy grounds Lauren, and Lauren takes care of Amy, always making her feel special. The two were seriously meant for each other, and the epitome of what a loving relationship looks like. I felt so unbelievably lucky getting to capture their (INSANELY GORGEOUS) home and the two of them going through this life together.

I am honored to get to capture them drinking old fashioneds and dancing the night away as they say “I, do”,  in a little different setting up next- Warehouse 109 – for their wedding in September 2019!

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