Headshot Session – Westmont, IL – Student Solution for Success

Apr 2

If there’s one thing I love, it’s having the opportunity to shoot fellow women who are chasing their dreams. There’s something so refreshing about hearing women talk about their passions – the things that ignite them and push them to strive for success and change. It is unbelievably inspiring to watch from behind a lens the way a women lights up when she tells her story, and lets me in to a corner of her life – something I will never take for granted as a photographer.

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to photograph Lisa.  Lisa is an executive function skills specialist and coach, and the founder of Solutions for Student Success. She’s taken her experience as a former High School teacher and her training through Rush Neurobehavioral Center and JST Coaching & Training and turned it into a booming business helping student be the very best versions of themselves.

We spent the afternoon in her darling, eclectic office filled with bright pops of color and fun patterns – a homey place for students to come learn and prosper. Lisa chatted about her business, being a Mom to three, and her crazy everyday schedule running from baseball games to clients.  She simply lit up when talking about the things she loved and it was so easy to see the enthusiasm she has for her business.

To learn more about Lisa and the great things she’s doing, head to the Solution for Student Success website.

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