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Feb 7

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Even though this session was late into the fall, we were so lucky to snag the very last of the brilliant Chicago color. Jessica and Michael live in the Lakeview/Lincoln Park area, so taking photos in Lincoln Park was very special to them. They often take their two dogs, Sophie and Melvin, on walks there. I recommend using familiar photo locations—even places you frequent—because they add more meaning to your photos, especially years later. You can look back and remember where it all began. It’s a nostalgic reminder of that chapter in your story together. I hope you find tons of inspiration in this stunning Lincoln Park Chicago engagement session.

Lincoln Park + Lake Michigan Engagement Photos

Jessica and Michael wore perfectly planned outfits that complemented the fall colors.  Jessica’s blue dress made her eyes pop in the most gorgeous way. (Sorry, not sorry for all the close-ups!) Their faces are just lovely focal points. The sweet chemistry between Jessica and Michael and the breeze ruffling her hair breathed so much life into their portraits.

We ended the session on Lake Michigan with the iconic skyline as our background. Some of my favorites are their closeups with the skyline blurred in the background, like a silhouette. This is the stuff romantic movies are made of! These two were absolutely flawless models in the most authentic, natural way. 

There is no better way to end a session than popping champagne in celebration—one of my very favorite engagement photo props. Popping the bottle together is a great way to evoke extra emotion and showcase different facial expressions (and often the natural way you interact together). You get super cute photos every time!

Best Outfit Colors for Engagement Photos


If you don’t know how to pick, go neutral. Neutral-toned outfits are flattering, timeless, and, best of all, uncomplicated. Plus, you won’t look back in five years and wonder what you were wearing. Neutral tones also ensure all the focus is on your face, not your clothing. You might even try layering a few neutrals, like tan, white, or olive.


If you want some color but nothing too distracting, pastel shades always photograph well! Ask your partner what colors look best on you, and try a pastel shade of that color. (With colors, remember you want to pick complementary outfits without matching each other.)

Earth Tones

Earth tones are similar to neutrals but with added color. Consider your skin tone with earth-toned outfits as you might with gold and silver jewelry or makeup. 

Cool Colors

If you really want a pop of color in your outfits, keep in mind that cool colors like green and blue typically photograph a bit better than warm colors (see below). Warm colors may reflect more on your skin or appear too bright. 


I don’t know what it is, but blue looks good on everyone and every skin tone. Those with darker skin tones might opt for a lighter shade of blue, and those with fair skin may go a bit darker. Either way, I guarantee it’ll highlight your best facial features. This classic color is magic!

Subtle Textures or Patterns

If you want to add a little something, something to your outfit, you could try playing with textiles and texture or considering a subtle pattern that doesn’t detract from your face as the focal point.

Outfit Colors & Patterns to Avoid for Photos

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Bright Shades
  • Large or Busy Patterns
  • Color-Block Designs
  • Stripes (usually)
  • Oversized or Boxy Silhouettes
  • Colors that Blend into the Backdrop

Fall in Love with Your Engagement Photos by Meg Adamik Creative

If you still feel somewhat lost on what to wear for your session, I’d love to help you out! Get in touch with me so we can discuss the best kinds of attire for the season and photo location. If you don’t love what’s in your closet, consider something like Rent the RunwayStitch FixDaily Look, or something similar for some new threads you feel confident in. (Peruse the Blog for more outfit ideas.)

Connect with me here to start planning a Lincoln Park or Chicago engagement session! 

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